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Welcome to the big music-search-engine - the Music-related search-engine with ratings and reviews of other visitors. Since 1997 !

  Artists (1391) neu
Official and inofficial spezialized homepages in one or two artists, DJs, producers and other persons with photos, linkcollections, news, biography, discography and many more infos...
  Buy and Sell (14)
Buy and Sell Boards, exchange-listings, offers and many more
  Charts and Toplistings (26)
Charts all over the world and Toplistings of songs or musicrelated things
  Concerts + Events (25)
Infos about concerts, events and tickets
  Downloads (188) neu
MP3, WAVE, MIDI, screensavers, PlugIns, RealAudio, Software
  Genres (636) neu
All music-sites that are specialized in one or more genres, but not only in one artist
  Industry (166)
Different commercial labels, record-companies, promotion-companies and more are presenting their work and themselves...
  Instruments (115)
Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Collectors and more
  Misc (76)
Miscellaneous music-sites including different offers
  Music-Online (87) neu
Chats, Forums, Discussions, Boards, Guestbooks, Banner-Exchanges, Newsletters, Webrings and other gerneral-music online-services in WWW
  News (15)
Latest Music-News
  Online-Magazines (66)
Faster as in printed magazines: News, Stories, Photos, Links, Rumours etc.
  Radio and TV (59) neu
Radio- and TV-Companies are presenting their music-offers
  Services (91) neu
  Shopping (164) neu
Music shops, Mail-Orders, Music-sellers are presenting here their offers
  Songtabs and Lyrics (48)
Songtabs and Lyrics
  Webmasters (39) neu
Links for webmasters of own music-sites with tips and cool links, to make and run it better, faster and cooler...
  Winners (4)
Music-Competitions and everything else where You are able to win music for free...
  Youngstars (35)
Links to new artists and bands, who had not published a record at a big record-company yet and who are waiting for You to hear and test their songs
  There are 3245 sites listed in music-search-engine MusicHits!

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